Sunday, April 14, 2013

sissy updates

Some news I have been meaning to share:

1.  slave julia   my little french girl,  is excited to  flirt and find a boyfriend.  (France)
   Julia Slave: i would love to just flirt on the net
yes i want to have girly friends..and i want to dance and cuddle

2.  rebecca,    has had her appointment with the doctor and is on her way to becoming the woman she wants to be,  both inside and out.  (USA)

3.  sissymaid diane is becoming quite the fashion model...  lingerie model even. (USA)

4.  pansy, in the UK has been wearing perfume to work,  and thinks maybe some of the Ladies in the office know she is a real sissy girl. (UK)

5.  sissy weakling david wears nail polish and diapers all the time  and worships women's shoes. (USA)

6.  crybaby think's pink,  and has just painted his bathroom pink,  to match the shower curtain and pink towels he bought. (USA)

8.  sissy baby jazmine in Edmonton has been wearing pretty baby clothes, drinking formula from her bottle, and wearing pretty makeup. (Canada)

9.  sissy sasha  goes deeper and deeper under My hypnotic control, and becomes a cock worshiping pretty sissy for Me. (USA)

10.  sissy shadow is being hypno trained to eat her own cum for Me. ( and so is hypnoslave victim,  while I think of it) (USA)

11. fag chris has been sucking cock on vacation,  and is soon to become a member of the Denver Swim Club. (USA)

12  sissy faggot  ed has and always will be ready to suck a big daddy dick... some things never ever go away! (USA)

13.  sissy faggot  ed  (not the same one as above),  has been and continues to be, a shrimp dicked cock sucking loser.   (Canada)

14.  sissy fag  is training to be a better fag for his husband,   while wearing panty hose with a huge big dildo between her legs.  (Australia)

15.  sissy tianna has been sucking and fucking her boyfriend, and rebuilding her blog. (USA)

This is only a small list of my sissy sluts and fags,    but,  I thought you might enjoy hearing what they have been up to lately.

Talk to you soon,
Mistress Cassie

chloe cashmere: New pics.

As you can see,  chloe is one hot and horny sissy girl.    I do like her new dress,  and her new slutty attitude too!

chloe cashmere: New pics.: How cute am i? If you want to date me or just send me naughty emails/pics then email http://chloecashmerecocksuc...