Thursday, June 20, 2013

Excellent for Sissy Cock Suckers: Grindr

One of My cock suckers mentioned the Grindr App.    I think it is a great way for you sissy cock suckers to find cock to suck!

Free Gay iPhone App. Find local gay, bi and curious guys for dating or friends for free onGrindr. Meet the men nearest you with GPS, location-based Grindr.

I have been  busy so far this summer,  sissies!  Its all good,  and I only have a  few minutes to post this before going out (but I will always be back later)
I have a nice session with diane not too long ago....    once a  sissy,  always a sissy.
slave julia is spending some time in Paris and meeting up with a Dominatrix.  I can't wait to hear how that turns out.
chloe cashmere, tianna, serena, ashley, michelle,jackie and cindy have all admitted that they cannot stay away.  Even if they try!  ....  well gurls,   no need to even try,  you are trapped forever.

I will post some more links soon,    especially new sissy blogs.

gurls,  if you have a sissy blog to share,  post a link in the comments!

Mistress Cassie