Thursday, June 04, 2015

Mistress Cassie is making hypno recordings

Hello sissy girls.
I hope you are all dirty little sluts, with lipstick and eye shadow and stockings.  I know you have been playing with your little clitties way too much.       I have been busy making recordings.  The first one is done.  It is a hypnosis introduction recording.   The second one is in the works, a feminization scenario (My favourite of course)

I want you girls to think up some of your favourite topics and scenes and let Me know by posting below.  I am going to make recordings all summer.

This is what I am talking about:

Well,  I finally took some time to sit down and make a new hypno recording. I am going to make many more, now that I have the system in place.    This 13 minute introduction to erotic hypnosis is just right to listen to if you want to relax and feel the waves of hypnotic control wash over you, or, as a first course in an all night hypnotic feast.

I recorded it at home, and then Serena, one of my long time hypnosluts edited the file with some very soothing effects.   When I played the final version, My own eyes started to blink and it took some effort to keep My focus.  A few days ago I asked many of My callers what types of recordings they would like.  If you have an idea for Me, please post it below.    

Here is the link to the records at Niteflirt.  They are easy to download from there.   You will receive 2 mp3 files.  The first is the unedited version,  just My voice,  (the same as if you called Me) and the second file is the amazing edited version.   I am curious which file people like the most.

Buy from Mistress Cassie through
I have listed the two files together for $30.00   The price will change when ever I feel like changing it.
Have fun,  and listen to the sound of My voice.
Mistress Cassie
ps.  yes, I am still taking calls.

So sissies,  take your hands out of your panties and let Me know your secret fantasies....  Besides just big black cocks and red lipstick, strapons, and frilly panties...

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